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Need data cabling installed? Our expert electricians can help! We're specialists in electrical cabling, and can install, test, repair and upgrade data cabling for your home or business. We can work on systems of all sizes, managing complex cabling with ease. Whether you need a new phone line installed, NBN or fibre optic cabling, wired and wireless networks or anything else, get the team at Johnstone Electrics on the job today. Call now on 0418 337 686 for a quote and professional service.

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Network systems

Problems with your network and cables can quickly cause major issues in other areas of your business. Files do not transfer, the internet may not work and tasks simply get left unfinished. Let our network cabling specialists ensure that all your cables are arranged correctly and in working conditioning. With reliable cabling, your business is guaranteed a network that works, and will minimise downtime and work lost through network issues.

Fault Finding and Network Testing

If you suspect your cabling and network has issues, call our team today. A Johnstone electrician can conduct a complete inspection of your cables, finding faults in the wiring and identifying weaknesses in the network. Get your cabling issues fixed sooner and ensure your network works properly all year round.

Home and Business Data Cabling Melbourne Services

We work with data cabling for both residential and commercial properties. If you have a large network you need set up properly for your home or business, call in the experts at Johnstone. We can run your cabling through walls and floors, installing wall ports, network switches and more where you need them. Our team can design custom cabling solutions based on your needs and install them to ensure you can make use of the full functionality of your network. If you need a custom data cabling and networking solution, talk to our team today.

Home IoT and Network Connection

If you need to connect specialised devices to your cable network, our team can install connections and cables where you need them. Many security cameras, televisions, network-connected solar systems and more require cable connections to operate at their full potential. We create a fully integrated and connected system for your home or business to allow you to monitor all your devices from the one central system.

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With more than 30 years of experience, Johnstone Electrics can handle all your cabling, wiring and electrical needs. Call us today on 0418 337 686 for a quote.

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