Domestic Switchboard Installation

The team at Johnstone Electrics offers professional service to disconnect your old fuse board and perform a domestic switchboard installation. We make sure that our installation service comes with installation of safety switches ensuring you optimum electrical safety. The safety of your home and the people you care about is important to you and to us. This is the reason why we make sure that the electrical wiring of your home is functioning at its best. It is important to remember that a regular maintenance service is vital for your domestic switchboards. So, you can get in touch with our licensed electricians to come in for a regular inspection too.

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An old or worn out switchboard is at a much higher risk of fire and is more prone to giving you an electric shock. It is almost unfair to expect an old switchboard to survive with appliances that take up double the amount of power. In such a case it is always better to get a new domestic switchboard installation done.

Investing a new switchboard will ensure the safety of your household electrical appliances and you. The latest switchboards come with an in-built safety switch and circuit breaker. These ensure that your appliances don't get fried because of an overflow of electrical current.

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Outdated switchboards can be quite problematic and can be a fire hazard in the making. Their fuses are unreliable and the slightest of fluctuation in the current flow can create a lot of trouble for you. Moreover, you are risking yourself from getting electrocuted. So, would you want your kids around such appliances? We don't think so.

If you feel like the lights in your home are flickering a bit too much or there are frequent power trips, then you might need to upgrade that switchboard of yours. A domestic switchboard installation service from us will leave all your electrical appliances running smoothly. We make sure that your life is not at risk at any given moment. Your safety is definitely more important to us than anything else.

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Our services are not limited to the residential space. We also provide switchboard installation, upgrade and repair services for commercial spaces. The team Johnstone Electrics will ensure that your workplace is safe and that you don't have the risk of losing out your clients. So, don't think about this too much, simply upgrade that switchboard. Get a domestic switchboard installation from our team of expert electricians. Give us a call today!

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