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At Johnstone Electrics, we are expert in solving electrical emergencies. Our electrician Plumpton services cover all range of electrical issues: Domestic, commercial, industrial and maintenance. With more than 30 years of experience in the industry, we proudly provide electrical support throughout Melbourne suburbs. Hence, if you are struggling in the middle of electrical emergencies, call us now to have the problem fix in the best timely manner.

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Why Are Our Electrician Plumpton Services Trusted By Local Customers?

Full Service

At Johnstone Electrics, we proud to be a one-stop shop for your electrical services. We cover all size of electrical matters. And of course, it includes all steps regarding to your electrical issues: installtions, fault finding and repairs, maintenance and upgrades. Check out our including services but not limited to:

  • Domestic work: Garages and Sheds, Home Appliance Installation, TV, Phone and Data points, Smoke Detectors, Safety Testing and General Inspection Service, and more...
  • Commercial work: Lighting and Power, Testing and Tagging, General on-going Maintenance, Fault Finding, Switchboard and Power Upgrades and more...
  • Industrial work: Machine Automation, Variable Speed Drives AC and DC, Factory and machinery relocations, Power Upgrades and more...

Highly Skilled and Fully Accredited

We always make sure our team of electricians are fully licensed and insured while providing services to our clients. One of our advantages are being clear and transparent regarding timeframe and budget estimation.

Excellent Customer Service

Unlike any other electricians, we understand the importance of fully understanding our clients' requirements regarding our performance. We are more than happy to spend high quality with you to properly discuss, communicate, coordinate, follow-up and assure the job is on schedule. As a result, we have gained trusts from many clients.

Guideline For Your Electrical Emergency

All electrical emergencies need a rapid response and that is Johnstone’s advantage. Unlike any other electricians, we take responsibility in taking care of your home or business electrical matters. Our technicians understand and value your property as much as ours. Thus, we are thrived to protect you and your family with the utmost care.

Our electrician Plumppton services have you covered with all types of electrical emergencies. If you ever experience these following cases, which have been usually fixed by our technicians, contact Johnstone Electrics immediately:

Power Outage

This situation usually caused by a storm, lighting strikes or a problem with a transformer. Especially in Australia, this is a very common occurrence. If your home is directly by lighting, you need to check for potential fire hazards and damages to general electrical system.

Fail To Trip Wire

Normally, circuit breaker will trip and shut itself off automatically if it senses something wrong. Something wrong here can be either the circuit heats up from overloading or the black wire comes into contact with another wire. Sometimes a buzzing sound from electrical breaker box can give you a sign of system is failing to trip.

Discoloured wires

If one of the switches is melting or changing its original colour, it’s one of the signs indicating in-wall wiring problems. If these kind of early signal is not treated properly, they will cause severe consequences later on. Hence, it’s important to call a professional electrician such as Johnstone Electrics because we provide the most reliable electrician Plumpton services in town.


If you notice or are able to smell smoking coming out from an electrical part, you need to have it checked immediately. Otherwise, it can cause immediate damage to your whole home’s electrical system and cause a fire. However, with our electrician Plumpton service, you don’t have to worry about the worst scenario because we are the best in preventing them.

Overloaded Outlet

Electrical panel will be stressed if the circuit is overloaded. This situation happens when too many devices are plugged into an outlet at the same time. The outlet will heat up and begin to burn. As a consequence, the outlet will have a black or brown mark. Thus, if you ever notice a mark around your outlet, be sure to contact a professional electrician to avoid the risk of catching fire.

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As much as it may seem simple, telling the difference between a serious electrical problem and a small issue isn’t that easy. For example, small symptom of blackened wall plugs can quickly escalate into more severe problems like an electrical short or house fire. With our professional and experienced electrician Plumpton services, you can rest assured that your valuable assets are in the best hands.

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