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An electric vehicle (EV) charging station is a piece of electrical equipment that charges the batteries of plug-in electric and hybrid vehicles. With fully charged electric vehicles, you can travel to your destination as smoothly as possible. While there are plenty of charging ports available, nothing matches the convenience of having one installed at home. Hiring the services of our skilled EV charger installers will be your best option for properly installing your EV charging stations.

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Get Your Home EV Charger Installed And Regularly Maintained

Installing your own home EV charging station is a great option if you want to beat the line at your local EV charging stations or enjoy the convenience of charging your electric cars anytime you want. Our Johnstone electricians are the right partner for dependable EV station installation. Aside from installation, we can also perform servicing to deliver the best electric charging solution for your needs.

Home electric vehicle charging stations must be installed and maintained in accordance with Australian electrical standards and regulations. Our qualified electricians have everything you need for a safe, high-quality electric vehicle charging facility. What’s more, our EV charger installers can also perform routine maintenance to ensure things are running smoothly and that you have the best system for your needs.

Home EV Charger Installation and Servicing

Adding an EV charging station to your home provides you with a variety of versatile options. For example, you won’t have to stand in line or wait for your turn to fully charge your electric vehicle if you have a home EV charging station. Home EV charging stations have also proven to be excellent for your car’s battery health because they allow you to customize your charge level for your car's specific power demands.

Safety must be a top priority when it comes to exceptional EV charging systems. This is because installing an EV charging port involves a complex electrical system that requires highly engineered electrical solutions. Even minor electrical issues can disrupt the smooth flow of electricity from the charging port to your electric vehicle. Leaving this unchecked or ignoring it can compromise the condition of your car. Rather than wasting money on vehicle repairs, we highly recommend getting in touch with our expert EV charger installers to decide the best course of action.

Have Your Own EV Charging Station at the Comforts of Your Home

If you need a safe home EV charging station conveniently located in your home, the team at Johnstone Electrics can help. Our qualified EV charging installers will ensure that your EV charging connector is installed in optimum condition. We place a high value on your safety and comfort. That's why we offer professionally tested, ready-to-use home EV charging stations.

Count on us to make sure your EV charging station meets your specifications. We can also provide maintenance and other service options to keep your ports in peak condition. With the help of a qualified electrician, we can ensure that your charging port is not only fully functional but also safe for home use.

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Find out how our professional EV charger installers can keep your vehicle fully charged and in excellent condition. Contact us today and allow us to assist you in installing the ideal EV charging port for your home. No more waiting in line; you can relax in the comfort of your own home while you wait for your electric car to be fully charged so you can take it to your next destination!

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