Emergency Light Testing

Exit or emergency lights are an important workplace safety element because they offer lighting for occupants to navigate the facility during power outages. In an emergency, emergency lights lead occupants to exits so that they can safely evacuate the work station. Performing an emergency lighting test ensures that the device's battery is always charged and maintained, and that the circuit can adequately illuminate workplace exits in an emergency. Contact us today to schedule a professional light test for your workplace.

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Get Your Emergency Lights Regularly Tested

Regular testing of emergency exits and emergency lighting is of utmost importance to ensure workplace safety. Most emergency exit or exit sign lighting fixtures are fitted with a "push test" button to determine if they are in good condition. If the exit or emergency lights do not come on within 30 seconds of pressing the button, additional time may be required to correct the emergency system. While you can perform basic troubleshooting yourself, a professional electrician will be able to conduct a comprehensive test that covers all bases.

The emergency lighting system is in optimal working condition if it passes the annual safety inspection. Our team of qualified electricians has the necessary skills to apply emergency lighting inspections and electrical equipment strategies to fully assess the condition of your emergency systems. If your device does not meet our testing standards, your emergency lighting may need repair or a complete replacement.

Workplace Emergency Light Testing

Having emergency lighting in your workplace is paramount to ensuring the safety of your employees and other building occupants. Fluctuations in emergency lighting current may prevent employees from locating outlets in an emergency. As a result, it may not be possible to evacuate the building in time. Exit and emergency lighting should be kept in good condition to avoid workplace accidents.

Maintaining commercial or industrial buildings necessitates working with complex electrical equipment. As a result, even minor issues with your system might disrupt the electrical flow in your device if left unchecked. Instead of spending a fortune on electrical repairs or replacements, contact the licensed electricians on our team to determine the best course of action.

Safety Comes First With Emergency Light Testing

If you’re looking for the best partner to provide superior emergency lighting testing in your workplace, Johnstone Electrics is your best choice. Our team of qualified electricians can keep your exit and emergency lighting in good working order. The safety of our clients, as well as that of their employees and other building occupants, is our number one priority, and ensuring that your emergency exit lights work properly in an emergency is one way that we can do that.

Our Johnstone electricians can ensure that your emergency light testing complies with Australian electrical safety regulations. For thorough checks and maintenance, we’ll also notify you when it’s time to perform your yearly emergency light testing. Whether for home or business use, our team ensures that your emergency exit or emergency exit sign lighting fixtures are fully functional, safe, and well protected.

Contact Johnstone Electrics To Maintain Your Emergency Lights

Learn how our electrical experts can keep your workplace safe with regular maintenance of your emergency exits or exit lights. Contact us now, and we'll get back to you quickly to keep your emergency lighting up to standard. Make sure your workplace is safe and secure by scheduling an emergency lighting test with our team today!

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