RCD testing

Known as the Residual Current Device (RCD) or safety switch, it monitors the flow of electricity through the circuit. An RCD testing will ensure that if there is some fluctuation in the flow of electricity your appliances are protected. If an extra flow of energy is detected, then the RCD breaks circuit ensuring that the extra electrical flow doesn't flow into your electrical devices.

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Get Your RCD Regularly Tested

Ensuring that your residual current devices are in good working condition is of utmost importance. Your RCDs must undergo a push button test every 3 months, along with combined operating time. If the power does not go out when the button is pressed, you will require a professional electrician.

An RCD testing must be done according to the set standard which is the AS/NZS 3760:2010 in-service safety inspection and testing electrical equipment. Our electricians use a testing device which records the reading from the RCD in milliseconds. If the device doesn't meet the standards, then your RCD will need to be replaced.

Workplace RCD Testing

The presence of a residual current device, especially in the work place is very important. If there are any fluctuations or abnormalities with the flow of current, an RCD will keep you safe from getting electrocuted. It will also protect your electrical devices from being harmed due to the extra electrical flow.

When it comes to commercial or industrial buildings, a safety switch is vital since you are dealing with high grade electrical equipment. The slightest of problems with the flow of current can ruin your equipment if they are left unprotected. So, instead of spending money on replacing or repairing your electrical appliances, we recommend you get in touch with our licensed electricians.

Safety Comes First With RCD Testing

If you do not have RCD protection in your homes or workplace, we suggest you get it done as quickly as possible. The professional electricians at Johnstone Electricians will ensure that your residual current devices are in perfect working condition. Your safety is extremely important for us for we don't want you to put your or others' life in danger because of a faulty switch.

We will also ensure that your RCD testing is done regularly. Our technicians will give you a reminder for your RCD testing. Whether it is your home or office, our electricians will be there to ensure all your switches are protected.

Call Johnstone Electrics To Protect Your Switches

Protect your switches, electrical appliances and yourself by installing a residual current device and regularly getting it checked. Johnstone Electrics will ensure that your workplace or home space is safe and secure for all. Just give our licensed electricians a call today!

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