Split System Installation Melbourne

We all know how hot it can get during Melbourne summer. At the same time, the winter can be extremely cold as well. So, a split system installation Melbourne is your best option. A reverse cycle split system can provide you with cool air as well as warmth during the cold winter months. However, what is more important is that you get a professional electrician to perform the installation; ensuring you don't have to face problems with the warranty of the product later. A Split System offers a great range in sizes to suit anyone's needs.

Why Get A Split System Installation Melbourne?

These air conditioning systems are usually wall mounted and can be fitted into an individual room. More importantly a reverse cycle split system works in both weather conditions. It allows for the heat pump to run in reverse to provide heat during cold days.

The specialty of a split air conditioner is that half the system that is the condenser is outside and the fan coil is inside. This allows the warm air inside the room being sucked out by the fan coil resulting in cool air circulating in the room.

What's So Special About A Split System?

There are several reasons why a split system installation Melbourne is the way to go. Most often than not these systems are found in residential spaces. However, a split system can very well be installed in a commercial setting. So, you don't have to worry about providing the perfect environment for your employees.

One of the most important advantages of having a split system is the cost and energy saving. The system works on inverter technology which allows it to maintain a constant temperature throughout the year. Furthermore, is saves you a lot of money since there is less energy consumption. If you have a one bedroom, studio apartment or just one single room, a split system is the perfect fit for you. It can be fitted into one single room, and you don't require to get a duct installed. It is simple, easy and cheap.

An interesting and very useful feature of a lot of Slip Air Conditioning systems in the market is the air filtering technology. They can control the air quality of the room as well as the humidity. The humidity control can regulate the moisture and the dust in the room. You also have the option to control the temperature, so two different rooms with two different systems can have drastically different temperatures.

Bought A New Split System? We'll Install It Today!

Whether you have bought a new split system or need to re-install your old one in a new spot, we will do it for you. Our split system installation Melbourne ensures that your system is fixed right and lasts you longer. Our goal is to have you live comfortably in your homes despite the extreme temperatures outside. In addition to that, we also want to save you money, so a split system is the way to go. Give us a call today!

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